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Pet Safety Tips for the Fourth of July

Fourth of July is this Monday! Now’s the time to start prepping to ensure the safety of your pet during all the festivities and fireworks.

If you are having a party outside, consider keeping your pet in a quiet room away from all the noise and people. We suggest keeping your pet either in a crate or in a spare room/bedroom. This ensures that no one will accidentally leave a door cracked, allowing your pet to escape. Keeping them in another room also keeps your pet nice and cool in this summer heat.

If you have plenty of shade and a nice fenced-in yard, your dog should be fine outside if you provide them with plenty of water! Be sure to remind guests not to feed your dog any table scraps as some foods may not be pet safe or too many free scrapes can lead to an upset tummy.

We know many pets do not like loud noises and fireworks can stress pets out. We stay inside with our pets when fireworks are going off and give them plenty of snuggles. You will also want to take them outside before the fireworks start so they don’t have any accidents in the house.

If your pet has bad anxiety from loud noises, consider giving them some hemp or CBD calming treats about 30 minutes before fireworks start. These treats do a great job of calming their nerves. If your dog is sensitive to ingredients in those treats, you can also purchase a ThunderShirt which can help to make them feel safe. It’s the same concept as a weighted blanket for humans!

Please have a safe and happy Fourth of July!

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