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Meet Becca and Chris!

Welcome to Wags N’ Whiskers Pet Care LLC!

Becca and Chris Johnson started the business in December 2021 after working for Rover for a few months. They both fell in love with taking care of other people’s pets and decided to start their own business!

Chris grew up on a farm in Alabama where he helped raise horses and dogs. Once he moved up to Maryland as a teenager, his family had cats, fish, and birds.

Becca was born and raised in Maryland, and although her parents were allergic to cats and dogs, she was always over friends’ houses learning how to care for them. She also grew up riding horses and spent time on farms taking care of chickens, horses, and goats.

Becca and Chris met online back in 2016 and have been inseparable ever since! They moved in together after dating for a few months and got engaged in the spring of 2020.

They currently live in Westminster and have six beautiful pets of their own! Their two cats, Ziggs and Dakota, are more like dogs than cats. They love going for car rides and spending time outside. They are the sweetest cats you will ever meet.

They also have two dogs, Belle and Moose. These two beagle mixes will steal your heart! All they want is to cuddle and get pets or treats!

Besides all the fur babies, Becca and Chris also have two parakeets named Anivia and Jewel.

Becca and Chris look forward to taking care of your pets! Please reach out to them today to schedule a FREE meet and greet!

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