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Holiday Safety Tips for Pet Owners

It’s crazy to think that the holidays are just around the corner! The weather has been getting colder, leaves are falling off the trees, and wanting to spend more time inside is here.

Now’s the time to start putting plans together for the holidays, not only for celebrating with loved ones, but you also need to have plans to keep your pets safe. The holidays are filled with people, good drinks, and tasty food. That means that there are added dangers to your pets during these times.

Below are some helpful tips to keep in mind to ensure your pet’s safety during this time of year.

  • Having people over to your home for a party? Is your cat or dog known to be an escape artist? The last thing you want is for someone to enter your home and your pets to get out. Consider setting them up in a room that you won’t be needing for the party. Give them something comfortable to lay on, plenty of toys and treats, and turn on the tv or radio. Creating this space ensures they are safe during the party.

  • Does your dog love to eat table scraps? Ask guests as they arrive to not give in to that sweet face. Many food items during the holidays are not safe for your pets to consume. This includes…

    • Cooked bones

    • Gravy

    • Stuffing

    • Casseroles

    • Chocolate

    • And more

  • Going out of town to visit loved ones and can’t bring your pets? Leave your pets at home with a trusty pet sitter instead of dropping them off at a doggy daycare. Daycares can be stressful on pets so being able to leave them at home can be a better option!

Have a safe and happy holiday season celebrating with friends and loved ones!

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