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Celebrate National Train Your Dog Month!

In January, we celebrate National Train Your Dog Month! National Train Your Dog Month was established by the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, to remind owners that dogs need socialization and schooling to become well-behaved companions.

Every dog—from smallest to largest or from puppy to senior citizen, and even Affenpinscher to Yorkshire Terrier—has what it takes to learn a new tricks.

Use this month to reinforce commands your dog already knows; and take the opportunity to add in one or two new commands for your dog to learn.

Some basic commands your dog should have under their belt include “Sit,” “Stay,” “Come,” and “Leave It.”

If you want to incorporate new tricks, consider adding some fun ones like “Paw,” “Sit Pretty,” or “Play Dead.”

Need help with teaching your dog new commands? The team at Wags N’ Whiskers Pet Care is always here to help with any new commands you want to teach!

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