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4 Questions to ask your pet care service provider

You’ve decided to hire someone to care for your pets. With so many pet care service providers out there, it can be hard to choose the right one for you and your pets.

We’ve created a list of some questions that we think are important for you to ask when meeting a potential pet sitter. We’ve provided answers for Wags N’ Whiskers Pet Care.

Will I have the same pet sitter every time I book appointments with you?

Yes, at Wags N’ Whiskers Pet Care we ensure that the same person always takes care of your pets. We want your pets to feel comfortable in their home and having the same person caring for them while your away is very important to us.

How much experience do you have in caring for animals?

We opened our “doors” in 2021, but we have 10+ years of experience with dogs, cats, birds, fish, livestock, and more! We can do it all from walking dogs, feeding, administering medications, caring for birds and other small pets, chores on the farm with livestock and everything in-between. We can even do basic grooming and training for dogs!

I’m worried about how my pets are doing while I’m away. Do you send updates?

Absolutely! Whenever we stop by to care for your pets, we always take pictures and will send you a summary of our visit along with those photos. We will let you know how they are doing and if we notice anything off during our visit that you want to know about.

I will be gone for more than a few days; can you do other small tasks around the house?

Of course! We are more than happy to help out with small tasks around the house like bringing the mail in each day, watering house plants, setting the trash out, etc. We can also do more involved tasks like cleaning your home for an extra fee on top of pet sitting.

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